When to Prune Roses

and a bit of How


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When do I prune my roses?


OK then... when do I prune my roses???
Do you see:
the forsythia bloom like this in Your neighborhood???

forsythia bush photo

 If yes, it is time to prune!!!
if not yet, wait until that happens. You are good to go by the third week of April in CT.
How do you prune? Quick and dirty: cut out all the black, or damaged canes.
For some of us, that does not leave much below 5-7 inches above the ground. Some shrubs and climbers will do better. Some Very Well Winterized plants will do better. But most are in the arena of Heavy Pruning (because stems are dead) leaving little opportunity for styling and contouring. Just don't be over eager. Give nature a bit of a chance to green up the stems. In any case, you will be astounded at the plant recovery in late May and June. If!! you made strong plants ( i.e. roots) last year, then a large root system is getting ready to push All Kinds of good stuff up what ever shoots/buds remain. In April, don't think of your roses as blooms or stems; think of them as ROOTS, just waiting for the Opportunity to make stems and flowers!

There is more information on April in the Connecticut Rose Garden in the Rose Culture section! And answers to some specific local questions in the Dr. Rose's Rose Hospital.





  Playboy rose photo